HELLO everyone!

After the LONG wait, I humbly say that i already have an OFFICIAL and a LEGIT blog. FINALLY. I guess its about time for me to start a new chapter in my life. and that is to welcome the commitment, passion, dedication, and LOVE that I’ll be giving to this whole new segment of my life. I can’t imagine myself not being involved in the industry as well as not being able to share my thoughts, inspirations, style/outfit journals, and adventures. I am open to the fact that there’s gonna be loads of work in store and pressure with my own “time-management” issue. BUT, pretty much I’ll be spending time looking for interesting stuff to post, as well as updating my personal STYLE DIARY.

I admit, I was inspired by how fashion bloggers were able to influence fashion addicts all over the world (and yes i’m definitely one of them). I think that I was greatly influenced and affected by the trend of fashion blogging. And being a follower of these top blogs, I know how it feels, there’s this term called “the never-ending-process”(being “an avid fan”) because you just literally update and follow every post, every single day (on which i can say is very exciting and inspiring). So, either being a BLOGGER or just a FOLLOWER, it is ADDICTIVE. and for that, I am looking forward to getting more hooked to this “awesome obsession”.

“I don’t get jealous, I get inspired and I get even.”

I am very new to this blogging thing and I really hope that I’d be successful in posting a blog full of sumptuous ideas about my divine obsession in fashion and LIFE. I pledge to post as many outfits as I can for I am definitely ready to enter the world of fashion blogging. Also, I understand that this gives me the responsibility to commit to sharing my addiction and adventures.

This whole process has been bittersweet. mainly because I had a hard time planning; scheduling photo shoots and putting everything together (also, there was a lot of pressure outside the topic). but then again, I’m glad that everything is now settled and my site is ready!

I am both excited and anxious about all the possibilities “this thing” will bring.

And so, I am inviting you all to be part of this very exciting adventure of mine!

LASTLY, HERE’S TO MY LEGIT BLOG. Thanks to all the special people who supported and inspired me!

β€œI look for adventure around every style in every corner”


“Life Gets Better, I say Relax”




  1. Hi! I love fashion bloggers! I follow or look at their blogs everyday! And I also want to be a fashion blogger, I wish I had the time. Anyways good luck to this career that you want to pursue. And I hope you can also inspire a lot of people who loves fashion. God bless! I’ll be visiting your blog too! I just love everyone who loves fashion! πŸ™‚ LOL

  2. Congrats Gianne! Love the clothes!!! Hope I can read more about where to find bargains and cute stuff around the world! I know you’re not only a fashionista but a jetsetter too! Congrats!!!!!!

  3. Hi gianne! finally! you now have a site. I’m excited for you. about this new adventure you put yourself into. πŸ™‚ You really have a good taste in fashion and i can’t wait for all your next posts! You’ll inspire many people who are interested in fashion for sure. Congrats!!!

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