3 in 1

Interesting title huh? “3 in 1” because i decided to make 3 interesting posts in 1 day/1 post.
well hello everyone! Im back, finally im done with all my deadlines and yes i survived last week’s pressure.

First things first, to everyone who viewed my blog, who emailed me, and who supported me, i cannot thank you enough. It feels so good to have a good start! It makes me “kilig” and the moment i posted my “1st post: first fashion affair” i was shocked that it reached 1000+ hits in a day and thats all because of you guys. THANK YOU, THANK YOU sooo much!

Maybe some of you are wondering why i wasn’t able to post new stuff right after my 1st one. Unfortunately, last week was my “HELL WEEK” in school, there were so many deadlines and midterm exams.

Enough with that, NOW lets move on to the real deal. πŸ˜€

My first post is my “outfit of favorites”. I mixed some of my favorite casual pieces in my closet and it turned out great! One of the challenges that i love in styling is the layering part cos it gets me excited. I believe that layering is a key to creative fashion styling for its the chance to put together different fabrics and loving the experience of making your outfit look unique and personal. You should know the tricks and limits for sometimes it would tend to make you look messy and bulky.

"outfit of favorites" | blazer ZARA | denim top TOPSHOP | sequined top TOPSHOP | shorts F21 | bag BALENCIAGA | nude pumps STEVE MADDEN | accessories HOLIC, F21, JUICYCOUTURE

Basic TIPS:

1. consider the color and the type of fabric

2. 3 things for the top part is enough. You don’t wanna look overdressed and you might look bulky if you overdo it.

3. Accessories are a must to complete the look!

4. Also, try balancing all the elements of the whole outfit.

“Mixing it up means taking the unexpected and making it yours”

I wanna make it up for that 3 days of being idle, and so i posted 2 outfits of my very own version of layering.

This is the 2nd outfit which i wore today in Rockwell, i just thought of wearing one of my favorite “nautical-inspired” tops and a bright blue short-shorts. I wanted to achieve the whole vibe of mixing red-white-blue colors in one look and amazingly, i was able to get the outfit right with the right amount of accessories, layering, and colors.

"nautical inspired" | blazer ZARA | top ZARA | shorts ZARA | shoes ZARA | bag Alma LV | scarf SalvatoreFerragamo | chain JUICYCOUTURE | accessories HOLIC, F21, LV


Last but not the least, I would like to say thank you to those people who made an effort to email me their requests, comments, and suggestions.

I end up thinking that it would be great if i include one “request post” which is to post “stuff INSIDE MY BAG”. Cool idea right? Interesting! so, here it goes…

"What's Inside the Bag?" (request post)

“What’s Inside the Bag?”

1. 2 wallets- (its a trick guys, believe me, keep your savings in 1 wallet, the other one is for your “spending/shopping budget”.

2. cellphones- smart and globe. BBM’s the best. AWESOME is the word for Blackberry.

3. Make up kit: eyeliner, mascara, MAC espresso and carbon eyeshadows, foundation, powder, blush-on, and lip balm.

4. IPad2- very useful cos i love taking down notes about all my ideas and “to-do list”

5. eyeglasses

6. Aviators.

7. GE X500 DigiCam

That’s all for now guys, that was a pretty long post but i guess i couldn’t take not making it up for the missed days.

Have a great long-weekend guys!

Would LOVE to read your comments, suggestions, and random insights/stories!!! email me at giannedilay@yahoo.com

love much, GIANNE



3 thoughts on “3 in 1

  1. Hey πŸ™‚ nice blog! Keep it up πŸ˜‰ We have the same purse by the way! πŸ˜€ It gets really heavy though, will all those gadgets 😐 but i love it, still!

  2. So proud and happy for you my dear…… finally you’re doing the thing that you love most.
    Way to go girl!!! Awesome blog,love it!

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