laid back weekend

It’s a great feeling that i was able to have a break for 4 days straight! I felt so relaxed and actually experienced the vibe of a “sweet/simple life”. I guess I’ve had enough fun and rest, so hopefully with some extra energy and a more focused mind there will be another good week ahead of me!

 Moving on, I was in the mood to dress up casually so I ended up wearing my basics with some classy accessories. I didn’t want to look too plain that’s why i chose to put on lots of accessories.

chiffon top JONES NY | denim shorts F21 | shades RAYBAN | bag LV | accessories F21, MANGO, BETSEYJOHNSON, JC

denim vest F21 | top F21 | shorts F21 | bag LV | scarf F21 | accessories F21 (loving FOREVER21. lol)

Spent most of the time eating. Then realized I was having too much for my cheat day.

Lastly, I just want to share and recommend one of the best restaurants in Manila, 2nd’s. The ambiance is really one of a kind, very cozy and homy. And of course the food was unbelievable, PERFECT!

Hope you guys had a great one too! Looking forward to your messages.

email me at

love much, GIANNE


*Just want to say thanks to the guy beside the “buffalo bites pic”, THANK YOU to the guy who makes EVERYTHING better.


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