pull off the JUMPSUIT

Today was definitely a tiring and busy day for me. Lucky me that I was able to finish 5 outfits (watch out for that!) in 1 shoot! Isn’t that great? I can say that our photo shoot was a success ’cause we were able to choose the BEST stuff to mix-and-match for my next 5 outfit posts.

*I wouldn’t have made it without my closest friends. SPECIAL thanks to my photographer and creative director, Vincent Igno. As well as to Carlo Niu for being “the BEST stylist” in the world. Thank You guys!

As to my outfit, I’ve had this jumpsuit since summer break and this was the first time i wore it. I was kinda hesitant to wear something long cause I’m a bit worried about my height. I’m only 5ft tall (yeah I’m short) but thanks to my killer heels who made this outfit possible to pull off despite of my “mini-problem” with my height.

blazer ZARA | jumpsuit BAZAAR | heels TRUNKSHOW | bag LV

Here are some tips to pull off the JUMPSUIT!

*Choose a jumpsuit that is tailored in a drapey, but still close to your body fit.

*Keep your makeup and hair simple and modern.

*Wear an open-toed shoe or sandal.

*A soft sash-type belt will keep the look modern.

*Keep it simple with accessories.

*Don’t like your shoulders? Get cold alot? Add a cute boyfriend blazer or lightweight cardi.

 “The Jumpsuit of today is more about relaxed elegance.”

accessories WISDOM, BANGKOK

These onesies with pants instead of shorts can have many benefits. First, the look can be more versatile than a romper, because you can wear it for evening. The trend can also easily translate in all seasons, from loose and flowy jumpsuits for summer to tailored evening jumpsuits for fall.

So, hope you guys enjoyed this! More outfit posts this week! Watch out for it!

Thanks to all the sweeties who emailed me about random stuff, comments, and insights. Tell me about your style and adventures!

email me at giannedilay@yahoo.com

love much, GIANNE



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