I want to share a quick outfit post from my previous shoot. There’s this term called “monochromatic” wherein you can wear one color with layerings in just one look. How cool is that? Well, here are some simple tips to achieve a monochromatic look.

First, put on your favorite stuff together of the same color/shade. Second, try wearing a different color for accessories. Also, it would be better if you mix up different textures. Last, this has to look intentional, so whether you explore the range of one color or make the major commitment to one specific shade, match with precision. And  as always, wear it with confidence. Because, after all, your attitude and aura would complete your outfit.

I was trying a paparazzi shot. Kinda fail though. Oh well.

blazer ZARA | dress from singapore | heels F21

accessories F21 | bag Chanel

don't you just love the detail of the dress? 🙂

That’s all for now! Watch out for the next post! Exciting! “A Mash Up”!

love much, GIANNE



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