First thing I’m gonna say is “IM BACKKK!!!” 🙂 Its been what? almost 4 months? 4 months of being idle and unproductive, good thing that its the New Year! NEW HOPES, NEW LIFE, NEW BLOG!

Sorry for my sudden break from blogging, honestly speaking, as time passed since I started blogging, I had this feeling that it started to become a chore instead of something I love doing. But everything changed when I realized that its not easy to give up on a really BIG opportunity to share and inspire.

I stopped thinking about all the negative vibes for I know that “once you stop, there is always a way to start all over”.  And NOW, I am seriously and officially back on track, thanks for the support and patience guys!

Remember my promise of posting a “mash-up”? This is it! I tried to mix inspirations, travels, and some cute photos in one post which I think makes this post really SPECIAL and “tumblr-ish” (p.s. all pictures were taken by me). I really hope this could make all of you feel a little bit excited for the next posts and hoping to put smiles and inspirations to you all.


love much, GIANNE



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