First and for most, A BIG THANKS to everyone who organized, participated, and supported this event of DLSC! Thank you guys for giving me the opportunity to work on this! Well, I just can’t explain the feeling whenever I get the chance to meet these kinds of people who are truly genuine, sweet, and appreciative. To all the organizers, Thank you for trusting me with the flow of the fashion show, the time to expose/endorse my blog and my styling skills. I admit, it was hella tiring! Everyone went crazy in the dressing room, I was panicking cos I only had little time to finish my model’s outfits, make-up, and the over-all styling. But despite all the craziness, we managed to make the show “super” worth watching! YAAAY! It was really one of the best FIRSTS! (just so you guys know: this is my first ever event as a “blogger”). Still not used to that but I’m trying to be a LEGIT one and Im really looking forward to more opportunities this year, especially when it comes to blogging:)

“Believe it or not”, I did 3 major jobs (which are: styling, make-up, organizing the flow of the fashion show) for 1 event! I can’t believe it either! thank God! and special thanks to Karla T, Jayzel, Karla A, Ahn, Tin, Reggie & Jaemy!

*still tweeting during the crazy busy hours! haha FOLLOW ME on twitter! @GianneDilay

and, here’s my area! glad it was that organized, 1st time:)) So, as you can see, shoes and a bunch of clothes for additional styling accessories were on the left side. on the opposite side, it’s my makeup and accessories section! And there it is, my clothes rack! which is filled with colors and blazers!

As to my outfit, I went color-blocking, mixing vibrant colors, bright as neons! well, maybe cos I’m already feeling the summer season! I just thought of the most appropriate look for preparation is “comfy-chic” and of course a touch of edginess! I can actually make a formula out of this, haha. “neon + short shorts + minimal silver accessories + sequined booties = perfect combo CHIC and EDGY”

Here, I started with the makeup on my models, who are all from DLSC. Such pretty ladies! When it comes to styling them I pretty much integrated basic pegs of casual-modern, summer-ish, edgy-chic, college-fashionable-looks, glamour,  and of course very-GIANNE 🙂 I also made sure that each outfit should reflect my models own personal style. Lastly, to complete the look, I went for my trademark-makeup: shimmery-smoky-brown eyes with bronze blush plus nude lipstick!

THANK YOU to the “Love-ssss of my LIFE” @diddymaan, @paoloaradillos, @vincentigno and my “little” brother, Josh! Really appreciate your presence, coming all the waaaay to Canlubang. Made this experience more special! 🙂

HERE YOU GO GUYS! THE FASHION SHOW : featuring HAUTE MUSE: style confessions by GIANNE DILAY. 🙂

There you go! That was pretty long:)) whew! lol

Can’t wait to publish new exciting posts!!! So, watch out for that sweeties!

love much, GIANNE



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