SHOE collection part2 + OUTFIT

I just can’t think of a creative title for this chunky post. chunky because I combined the part2 of my shoe collection plus this outfit post:) Anyway, I keep wearing these mary janes, it’s not only the comfiest heels I have but also it’s just too cute and feminine! I went for my favorite sequined top paired with gray tweed blazer. Worried about pulling off this sparkle-worthy trend? Here are a few tips from yours truly:

1. MIX AND MATCH- If you’re going for a stand-out piece such as a sequined top, wear it with something simple on the bottom.

2. TRY AN ACCESSORY- Try a fun pair of flats or heels with sequin details to top off a classic look with a blazer for a subtle touch of glimmer.

 3. LOOK BEYOND BLACK- The great thing about sequins is they don’t have to be black. I think some of the more unexpected metallic colors look wonderful.

4. DON’T OVERDO IT- There is such a thing as sequin overload. In general, it’s best to keep sequins to just one piece per outfit. You want sequins to look as though they are natural to your style, not that you’re trying too hard to sparkle.

So here’s part 2 of my shoe (heels) collection! FULL OF COLORS!!! I think half of my shoe collection were never worn. I guess, sometimes I tend to stick to my favorites and I don’t think it’s a smart move:))

love much, GIANNE



One thought on “SHOE collection part2 + OUTFIT

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