Now its better

Now that I’m back, again, I can’t wait to show what i have in store for all my lovely readers. Its such a shame that I keep delaying this and I apologize for that. But the good news is that everything is going to be better for this blog. So if you guys noticed, I already changed the layout of my site and you’re going to be seeing so much new stuff in my blog posts. 🙂

I’m pretty sure every girl wants some freebies and guess what!? I will be giving out 5 giveaways this week for my “big comeback blowout”!!! Thank you so much to my generous sponsors who were kind enough to share some lovely goodies! And ofcourse, I wont miss the most important package, which is the loot bag full of goodies from yours truly!!!
I feel grateful because I can still feel the love from those people who are still waiting and email-ing me despite of my idleness. Oh well, starting will always be the hardest part but hey I can feel that this is a whole new opportunity for me to be better!
Wish you guys would support my giveaway blowouts and continue checking out my blog:)
And Cheers to another comeback, like what my friends always tell me “its never too late”:)


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