power of pink

This outfit is really a mix of casual and formal look. Well, this was the first time I wore a whole bright pink outfit, maybe because I’m becoming a big fan of neons. I cant help but to look for the perfect stuff to match with my statement neon necklaces which I’m very much in love with. As you can see, I love pink. πŸ™‚ I buy a lot of it (probably more than I should)… and so sometimes it’s fun to dress up in all of it at once. Β It’s actually fun and very challenging because for me, I’m not that girly enough to pull off a barbie-ish type of look. Luckily, I ended up with the BEST monochromatic pink outfit that expresses glam, girly, chic, and a little bit of edginess all at the same time πŸ™‚ I’m pretty sure you guys noticed that my skirt is too long for me but I just had to get the last piece, it’s actually a size UK12, but the fit did not stop me from getting it. First is because I am such a fan of electric pleats and second the fabric is chiffon and obviously the color and shade are to die for!!!

So, that’s it for now:) Have a happy week guys!

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love much, GIANNE

MANGO top, skirt, belt. ZARA neon necklace.


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