summer never ends

I don’t want to forget to blog about these 2 outfits. I know it’s already July and it’s way past summer season but if you live here in manila, summer never ends. We have a very bipolar weather, one day it’s rainy and next day you don’t know what to expect. Summer heat is all year round and so why not make the most out of it by wearing something very fit for the condition. 🙂 Anyway, let’s talk about these two looks. The first one is actually one of my favorites, don’t you just love the print and fit of the dress? too bad I wasn’t able to take some shots of the back part which I’m sure you’ll love. It has an oval cut out to show some skin behind. The pink linings on the sleeves and neckline are very interesting which make it look fun! I have to commend the tropical print, it’s a statement!

heels LUXURY MALL. dress ZARA. accessories F21, SM accessories, ZARA.
I added this outfit in this post just because I felt bad that I was able to take only four shots, I just thought that this one needed some more. I also wanted to show you guys my love for colors lately, I used to hesitate in wearing too much colors. I don’t know what happened that all of a sudden I accepted this new thing in my personal style. I’m really glad i did and to those who are still scared of experimenting with prints and colors, I suggest that you can start slowly by knowing the basic principles in working with colors. For help in choosing the most flattering clothes that will bring out your natural beauty, it helps if you first ask yourself, “What colors look good on me?” By determining what hues are the most flattering, you can fashion a wardrobe that makes you look fantastic every day. heels PRIMADONNA. leggings ANDROGYNE. top WISDOM. accessories F21, bubbles, call it much, GIANNE


One thought on “summer never ends

  1. you look absolutely gorjaz. i adore all of your outfit posts. you mix and match like a pro (well i guess you are) :)) i’ll take ideas from your posts to work on my daily outfits. thanks a heap! :))

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