neutral feeling

Neutral colors are extremely classy and versatile options for your wardrobe. If you are lacking ideas on how to wear neutral colors and how to make them integral parts of your daily clothing, I have some helpful tips in order to look stunning on every occasion. They are versatile and can be combined with any color and any outfit. Neutrals are perfect choices to complement your style for everyday wear as well as sophisticated options for formal occasions. Learning how to mix and match neutral with other statement pieces from your wardrobe is vital in order to look stylish and chic. Mastering the art of wearing neutrals is sometimes tricky but then there’s always a way to learn “how to” right and there’s no harm in trying.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match dark neutral shades to create some really original combinations. For an extremely soft and feminine version of this trend, try pairing similar hues, that complement each other. Neutrals pieces can really make a statement, since they really spotlight different textures and styles.
Layering neutrals is a wonderful way to show off your individuality and creativity. A warm emerald green skirt will work well with other neutrals, such as creamy or dark plum tops like the one i did in this outfit. The great thing about neutral colors is that you can actually play with blazers and cardigans or double layering and still ending up with a safe and balanced look.

blazer F21. sequined top TOPSHOP. skirt DETAILS. heels TOPSHOP.

I’ve been wearing summery and colorful outfits lately and I decided to have a break. 🙂 Hope you liked it!

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love much, GIANNE


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