light and happy

This day was really productive. 🙂 After going to church and a sun”date” with the family, I had a shoot with my brother’s girlfriend for my “new shades” collection. It was really tiring and fun at the same time! (well it’s a good thing we did it at home)

Anyhoo, my family prepared a special dinner for our dear guests and we did a very important orientation about our project of “giving back- peace through service” through Rotarac which is an NPO for ages 18-30 under our district’s Rotary Club. My dad is the president for this term and we are actually learning more about social services. I can’t say much but I’m explaining it with a very broad interpretation to give a brief idea. Well, I can say IM HAPPY to be part of it. I did not commit to this because of my dad requiring us to join but this is something I really wanted ever since. After all the blessings, it’s always a life-fulfilling achievement to “give back”. I’m just sharing what struck me today. That there are probably so much HELP we could offer to the less fortunate that we don’t even know “how-to” or “why-don’t-we”, but just like the saying “if you want to aim for something you want to do or happen, there’s always a WAY, but if you’re still in doubt and hesitant, you will always have reasons to fail”.

Sorry for being this serious and drama-queen-ish but I guess I’m just being that girl trying to share her own thoughts in life and experiences:)) lol

On the other hand, here’s my take on a floral jumpsuit:) As usual, I tried a monochromatic look to match a printed ensemble together with a plain blazer. Yellow is the base color of the suit and so I went for the same shade for my cover-up. I tried to be simple by just depending on minimal accessories:) The jumpsuit itself is already a trademark which gave me the idea of making it my C.O.A. :)) Meaning, “center of attraction” because I think I should really give justice to this one, it’s one of a kind and very unique print. Even though I’m not a big fan of violet/purple family, I went gaga over this when I first saw it maybe because the color combo is simply feminine and very elegant:) Alright there’s to much talking going on, here you go guys…

jumpsuit STYLE STAPLE. heels F21
love much,GIANNE


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