free monday

I have no idea why my camera did not cooperate that day but i still liked the pictures, turned out to look all candid which is cool!:)I apologize for the blurry ones but I just had to take an outfit shot of this whole ensemble. I’m not a big fan of purple but I went gaga over this skirt! It’s really chic and comfy! (special thanks to Teena of Sabrina) I’m starting to love mullet skirts because they give a really “carefree” feeling and they actually go well with the wind:)) meaning, they just flow in the right direction that doesn’t make you worry about your “what ifs” like “what if it gets really windy, I don’t want anyone to get a peek of you know” lol right?  I’ve had a very chill and FREE Monday which made me really happy! I needed some break and why not dress up!? I’m loving the combination of pale purple and neon! It’s like a mix of a feminine vibe and something fun and edgy:)skirt SABRINA. top TOPSHOP. heels PRIMADONNAHope you guys had a free Monday as well:) Tell me about it! Can’t wait to show you guys my next outfit post! Til next time sweeties! hugs! and btw, join my giveaway guys!

love much,gianne


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