FOREVER21 opens in MOA

Hello everyone! Are you guys ready for the biggest and newest branch of the ever famous and fab FOREVER21!? Well, I AMMMMMMMM!!! lol excited much?! 🙂 I was invited to attend the launch of F21 in The Mall Of Asia, yaay! I’m not going to put too much in writing but instead let these pictures speak for itself. 🙂Wore something casual and classy! Didn’t want to look overdressed:) I feel bad that you won’t see the “shimmer”/”glittery” detail of my dress but this is probably one of my comfiest dresses! It looks like something you could wear in an “ice skating” competition lol! but seriously, i love those simply because its so feminine and sexy! I’m glad that I finally had the chance and perfect time to dye my hair! AT LAST! whoo! Is it too light or what? What do you think girls?? 🙂One thing I REALLY LOVE about FOREVER21’s stores is their interior and aura… It’s like when you enter the shop it gives you the feel of the movie, “Confessions of a Shopaholic” haha! It’s weird that I always get that vibe, oh well but really it’s so relaxing and therapeutic to see such amazing displays and styling on each mannequin 🙂 I’m sorry for taking a lot of shots of this outfit. I’m just really in love with my friend’s camera and I just thought “why not make the most out of it!?” lol well, my camera sucks (for a lack of a better term) :)) I will try to get a new one soon, hopefully! I love this shot, it is candid and very cool! yaaay! love the editing as well, very sophisticated and mysterious 🙂Currently, I’m obsessed with anything neon, shimmer, and pastel. Not because it’s part of the latest trends but because they look so appealing and it really makes an outfit glow. Just a tip girls: if you properly incorporate any of these three in your outfit, you won’t regret it, IT’S DEFINITELY a STATEMENT!Bumped into these gorgeous ladies, Vern and Tracy. Ofcourse I won’t miss my bestfriend, @GFORCE_vince and F21’s style ambassador Dave! (So proud of you and glad to see you again!)This guy is the man behind almost all my wonderful shots, visit his blog guys @paoloaradillos, paoloaradillos.blogspot.comHi Tracy! Such a cutie! We totally forgot to take detail shots of my accessories and shoes but here’s the closest one I have:(neon green blazer ZARA. glittery dress TOPSHOP. heels STEVEMADDEN. accessories F21. bag LV(*this frametastic collage was uploaded on my instagram, follow me? GianneDilay)

That’s it for now ladies! love you all! Thanks for reading:*

love much, gianne


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