I missed you guys! I mean, I missed 3 days! and that’s all because of “GENER”:( Hope you guys are safe and dry 🙂 Oh well, too bad for me I ran out of backup-posts.. but here I am trying to make up. Cheers to my first post of the week!I should really get a new camera because mine’s already giving up and I’m sorry for that. Anyway, I’ve had this statement necklace for months and I’m glad I finally had the chance to wear it 🙂 First thing I did to come up with an outfit that best suits my neck piece was to make sure the colors matched. Well, I didn’t want to go for some color-blocking and so I opted to wear a casual “matchy” type of outfit:)  Coming from the necklace’s colors, neon blue and green, I matched it with same hues of it for my blazer and shorts. I ended up wearing a silver sequined top to keep the edgy feel and to top it all off, I went for silver “glittery” wedges. blazer BAZAAR. wedges TOPSHOP. shorts Greenhills. top F21. necklace EXTREMEFINDS. bracelets F21 and moms

Thanks for reading! I’m sorry for I’ll be uploading 2 more posts:)) You guys deserve it, Hope you’ll like it! :*

love much, GIANNE


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