Welcome to my new and simpler layout:) I was trying to achieve a monochromatic gray scale. Anyway, How are you guys? Still safe and dry? Hope you’re all in good condition! Also, continue to #prayforthephilippines and don’t hesitate to give donations to all those who are deeply in need of help… God bless everyone! :*Good news! The flooding and raining is finally over! and now I’m back to blogging:) Thank God today was peaceful and bright.This outfit says a lot about my personal style: first, I’m always on the go for anything monochromatic. second, I’m a sucker for anything that adds sophistication. third, gold accents never fail to impress me with their very glamorous vibe. Also, blazers are always a ‘MUST’ for me maybe because I always feel cold but I have always been a BIG FAN:) (Soon I will be posting a very special post about my collection of blazers)blazer FASHIONGALORE. pants F21.bracelets BUBBLES,F21,ALDO. rings KIKAYKAYE. belt MANGO. heels ZARA.

love much,GIANNE


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