bluer than blue

Mixing prints isn’t the easiest trend to pull off . One wrong move, and you’ve gone from chic to geek but once you’ve mastered this look, you won’t be able to stop mixing and matching everything in your wardrobe. lol 🙂 Trust me, now it’s harder for me to put on simple outfits cos of this trend. I just can’t stop choosing pieces that would work well with other prints!

A failsafe way to try your hand at mixing prints is to pair a neutral print with a busier one. If you noticed, my blazer has a busier print compared to my dress and the key to complete an outfit like this is to make sure ‘it’s BALANCED’. “Let one of the printed pieces shine, while the other supports.”blazer FASHIONGALORE. dress i.CANDY. necklace ZARA. heels STEVEMADDEN.
This post is short but I will make it up to you sweeties:* Thanks for reading! How was your weekend!? Tell me about it:)

PS. Thank you for all the sweet tweets and email:) Just continue requesting posts you want to see in my blog!

Love much, GIANNE


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