my Barbie dress

When I first saw this dress, I said “This is so BARBIE!”:) It’s actually the last piece and one size smaller than my original size but it didn’t stop me from buying it:) lol I couldn’t let go of the color combination of the stripes and the very cute peplum! I’m one of the biggest fans of Barbie (since forever)! I used to collect as well but when I turned 18, mommy gave everything away:( Oh well, time to grow up i guess.  But you know what, Barbie is timeless and she will always be my 1st and number 1 “fashion icon”… *blushing* lol :))
I am starting to hate my camera again and I really need to save up for a really good one. I just got this last January and I have no idea why it takes really blurry shots. Any experts who can help cos maybe I just need to adjust something or not??:) Anyway, sorry for not giving enough credit to my outfits but I’m still happy atleast you guys still appreciate 🙂dress TOPPICKS. necklace KIKAYKAYE. bangle/bag CALLITSPRING. heels F21
This dress is so girly that I needed to tone it down a little bit to make sure I’m keeping a sophisticated and glamorous vibe:) And to achieve that, I wore gold accents: bangle, belt, bag, and a light gold glittery shoes!!* Loving this sexy racer back *What do you think about this Barbie-ish look?? Hope you liked it!!! Btw, Giveaway later ladies!!! Watch out!

Love much, GIANNE


3 thoughts on “my Barbie dress

  1. love TOPPICKS! &also i don’t think your photos are blurry, probably there’s no problem with the camera, it’s with who’s taking the picture or probably the settings) 🙂

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