Fashion Repeats

One of the usual questions people ask me is “How Often Can You Repeat Clothes And Not Get Caught?”. I actually had the same question in mind when I was a little bit younger. Well, guess what!? It’s actually GREAT to repeat some piece of clothing because from there you would practically learn how to MIX-n-MATCH! and ofcourse it helps you SAVE!!!

Like what I’m wearing in this post, I wore my top as a dress HERE and I also wore my purple pants HERE. 🙂 The general norm is to not wear the same outfit more than once in 2 weeks which also means you can wear the outfit at the most twice a month. Doesn’t sound too good, does it? With the fast changing seasons & trends and the really small closet spaces, who can afford to buy or stock so much stuff? At the same time you don’t want to be seen as someone who wears the same clothes every other day! Well, the obvious answer is to mix and match. But it’s not as simple as picking up different things to go together. Here are some simple tips I can share with you guys:

  • Buy more of separates instead of dresses
  • Experiment!!! – venture out of your happy place
  • By shifting focus from one item to the other, you can easily repeat pieces without getting noticed
  • Use accessories to dictate the mood of your outfit and to completely transform your appearance

top MANGO. pants F21. necklace ZARA. heels F21Ladies, Don’t forget to join my blog giveaway!!! Entries will be accepted until tomorrow only:) and ofcourse, HAVE A GREAT LOOOOOONG WEEKEND!!! Stay safe and HAVE FUN!!! “Make the most of out this break!” Lastly, I will promise to post outfit shots as well as the MOST REQUESTED: a “BEAUTY POST: Hair and Makeup Tutorials” :* HUGS!

love much, GIANNE


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