HELLO everyone!!! How was your looong weekend!? I really hope you guys had a great time cos I did! I was with my family and the boyfriend, it’s actually surprising that we didn’t plan any getaway but WE ENJOYED watching movies at our theater room with some chips, pizza, take-out meal! Simple yet FUN and that’s what I call, QUALITY TIME:) Anyway… On to my outfit, I’ve had this eyelet top since LV’s Spring/Summer 2012 came out:) Too bad I never got the chance to wear it and now I ended up with something casual because I was too busy reserving this for something special. Do you guys experience the same dilemma? lol It’s crazy how girls reserve and save some stuff for something real “BONGGA” or “Extravagant” but we end up shifting our mood to something way opposite:) But hey! I’m glad I did, I just received this blazer from Sabrina and I wore it the same day I got it. It’s a piece of treasure, I dunno maybe I’m over reacting but I am a sucker of this kind of print!!! It looks so elegant and like what they say ‘lakas maka-sosyal’ ! hahha lol 😀top STUDIO. blazer SABRINA. pants TOPSHOP. I just want to add: CONGRATULATIONS to these girls for winning my ‘KikayKaye’ GIVEAWAY!!! Thank you so much for joining! *Please email me your contact details:)

*WINNERS*- christilin jimenez, christine pedery, khaye fernandez

Watch out for a very special ANNOUNCEMENT on my next post!!! Hope everyone gets another FUN loong weekend!!! :*

love much, GIANNE


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