color wheel

I decided to make this post a tutorial and a guide about the COLOR WHEEL:) I know it sounds familiar to you guys! This would be very helpful especially to those who are still confused with ‘color combinations’. If you’re having questions when it comes with matching colors, the color wheel is an excellent wardobe tool to consider and so here it goes…

Introducing… “THE COLOR WHEEL!!!”

I just posted these instead of making one because it’s simple yet very informative. Hope this one would clearly show how the color wheelย  works ๐Ÿ™‚*picture source:

This outfit is an example of ‘complimentary color combination’. As seen in the first color wheel picture, blue and orange are on direct opposite sides. Meaning, these colors compliment each other well. There are very few hard and fast fashion rules when it comes to choosing colors to combine in clothing and I personally still believe and say that such style rules are made to be broken, as fashion should be about expressing yourself as well as flattering your figure. ๐Ÿ™‚ For fashion should be FUN and carefree! “Your style, your Rules” but it’s still a MUST to keep in mind the basic principles and some tools to avoid the DONTs:)This is actually one of my favorite color combos : orange with blue:) Loving my armcandies!!!dress TOPSHOP. blazer ZARA. heels 37LA. accessories F21 and Trendphile. love much! GIANNE:*


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