miss universe

Wonder why my title is “miss universe”??? lol! :)) I couldn’t think of a title and while posting the pictures I noticed that my earrings are something like what girls wear in beauty pageants! ahhaha I got comments like “pang-miss universe”! lol I know it’s huge but why not try something extravagant!? Well, it’s not the real diamond ___ karat earrings but the size, color, and design are very attractive and believe me it’s such an attention-getter:) I just looooove how it compliments the brocade lace details of my dress.

My outfit was so girly yet soooo ME! dress/heels ZARA. belt MANGO. bracelets F21/Kikaykaye. Earrings to order from Kikaykaye.Making this post short but don’t worry I’ll be uploading 2 outfit posts tomorrow! I PROMISE! Watch out for more outfit shots and PART2 of my makeup tutorial this weekend! (I’ll be leaving for HongKong and I can’t wait to have a break!) Any requests???:))  Have a great and FUN weekend guys!

PS. Stay tuned for ANNOUNCEMENTS of ______! 🙂 Take a guess:) I will post about it reaaaal SOON!

Also, I just want to take this opportunity to THANK Kaye of Kikaykaye, Tati of Bubbles, Teena of Sabrina, and Wini of Wardrobe Check for sharing some love and for sponsoring me with your lovely items. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart ❤

love much, GIANNE


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