digital print

This dress is just simply amazing, the print and the colors are perfect! I don’t know with the fit though cos it’s not really my size. It’s a little bit loose but I like it that way 🙂 No more hiding of a full tummy! lol Anyway, digital print is lately becoming a favorite piece in every girl’s wardrobe and I personally started loving this trend when Alexander Mcqueen released his Spring 2010 collection:) Waaaa!!! It’s crazy and I’m such a huge faaaaaaann! He proved that he’s a genius by creating the most outstanding and extraordinary digitally printed dresses that featured a mixture of green, brown and blue reptile patterns and some other sea creature abstract.

They have been around for some time now, but recently the patterns on digital print dresses have become somewhat more colorful, a little bit more outrageous, and seem to have acquired a lot of crazy busy prints. Well, that’s not a bad thing though because ‘more prints’ means ‘more choices’ but I guess other prints are just too overrated.  When styling a digital print dress, it’s better to keep all other ‘add-ons’ simple and matching:) As you can see I chose accessories that have the same shade with the dominant colors of the dress.  It’s also important to make sure that the center-of-attention and the statement piece should ONLY be the dress itself. You don’t want to look too over-dressed when wearing these kinds of prints because they stand on there own, they were made like that. 🙂dress MixedBerryneon pink necklace ZARA. other pink necklaces TRENDPHILEbangle CALLITSPRING. rings KikayKaye. clutch DOROTHY PERKINS. heels TOPSHOP.

Enjoy your weekend guys! ❤ love much,GIANNE


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