Hello everyone!!! I actually don’t have much pictures to share from my HKG trip:( Guess why!?  We didn’t have time to take pictures cause all we did was ‘SHOPPING’ lol! That’s what everyone does in HongKong! Right!? It’s where every person’s “inner-shopaholic-side” comes out! Another reason why I wasn’t able to take some outfit shots was because it was crazy hot and we were all tired of walking, looking so haggard with all the shopping bags we carried the whooole time:( Tiring but WORTH IT! Mommy, my sister “Germaine”  and I have this thing wherein every year we make it to a point to travel and have a girl-bonding-session! Last summer we went to Hawaii (My favorite place in the world). For this year, cause our schedule was so packed we just decided to go on a short trip to HongKong and have a break:) So here are some pictures I took from those 4 days:) ANNOUNCEMENTS about the good news I was telling you about STARTS HERE… I decided to have NEW and UPDATED segments/features here in my blog:) I will make sure you will love every post under these

First, Introducing “inside my SHOPPING BAG”: This is the usual “WHAT I GOT” type of post, nothing new but it’s something interesting cause I will show stuff I shopped and have some product reviews:)Second, I’ve had this segment for months but I’m going to give you an UPDATED version where in I would really do my best to achieve all your post-of-request! So if you have any requests or anything you want me to blog about you can email it to me at giannedilay@yahoo.com 🙂 I would really appreciate your comments and suggestions as well:* I’ve had makeup tutorial request, shoe collection, ‘whats in my bag’ , instagram posts, etc… “Your wish is my command” lol how corny Last but not the least… (my favorite part)

Every week I’m going to have a special post for the “item-of-the-week” that’s going to be available for SALE!!! So, watch out for that and get ready to have the first dibs!

Love much, GIANNE


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