Though these items are both the same color, the different materials add more flavor to this outfit. I love red on red cause it screams bold and daring for any woman.Dressing in a full monochromatic outfit can be tricky and it’s seldom worn. We’ve all been trained to mix colors and stay away from similar and potentially clashing palettes. But once you start using different textures, hues, and adding some accessories to your ensemble, looking chic all in one color never seemed H&M. belt MANGO. necklace H&Mheels SteveMadden. clutch chain bracelet H&M. rings and spike bracelet KikayKaye.Say hi to my FAVORITE heels in the world! lol It’s 6 inch high but so what? It’s the sexiest heels i have. I got these from SteveMadden in HongKong and I will never regret buying this piece of investment! (An ALL-TIME favorite = gold +glitters+ studs)love much, GIANNE


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