dress/accessories HKG. bag CALLITSPRING. booties STEVEMADDEN.




Though these items are both the same color, the different materials add more flavor to this outfit. I love red on red cause it screams bold and daring for any woman.Dressing in a full monochromatic outfit can be tricky and it’s seldom worn. We’ve all been trained to mix colors and stay away from similar and potentially clashing palettes. But once you start using different textures, hues, and adding some accessories to your ensemble, looking chic all in one color never seemed H&M. belt MANGO. necklace H&Mheels SteveMadden. clutch chain bracelet H&M. rings and spike bracelet KikayKaye.Say hi to my FAVORITE heels in the world! lol It’s 6 inch high but so what? It’s the sexiest heels i have. I got these from SteveMadden in HongKong and I will never regret buying this piece of investment! (An ALL-TIME favorite = gold +glitters+ studs)love much, GIANNE


Hello everyone!!! I actually don’t have much pictures to share from my HKG trip:( Guess why!?ย  We didn’t have time to take pictures cause all we did was ‘SHOPPING’ lol! That’s what everyone does in HongKong! Right!? It’s where every person’s “inner-shopaholic-side” comes out! Another reason why I wasn’t able to take some outfit shots was because it was crazy hot and we were all tired of walking, looking so haggard with all the shopping bags we carried the whooole time:( Tiring but WORTH IT! Mommy, my sister “Germaine”ย  and I have this thing wherein every year we make it to a point to travel and have a girl-bonding-session! Last summer we went to Hawaii (My favorite place in the world). For this year, cause our schedule was so packed we just decided to go on a short trip to HongKong and have a break:) So here are some pictures I took from those 4 days:) ANNOUNCEMENTS about the good news I was telling you about STARTS HERE… I decided to have NEW and UPDATED segments/features here in my blog:) I will make sure you will love every post under these

First, Introducing “inside my SHOPPING BAG”: This is the usual “WHAT I GOT” type of post, nothing new but it’s something interesting cause I will show stuff I shopped and have some product reviews:)Second, I’ve had this segment for months but I’m going to give you an UPDATED version where in I would really do my best to achieve all your post-of-request! So if you have any requests or anything you want me to blog about you can email it to me at ๐Ÿ™‚ I would really appreciate your comments and suggestions as well:* I’ve had makeup tutorial request, shoe collection, ‘whats in my bag’ , instagram posts, etc… “Your wish is my command” lol how corny Last but not the least… (my favorite part)

Every week I’m going to have a special post for the “item-of-the-week” that’s going to be available for SALE!!! So, watch out for that and get ready to have the first dibs!

Love much, GIANNE

digital print

This dress is just simply amazing, the print and the colors are perfect! I don’t know with the fit though cos it’s not really my size. It’s a little bit loose but I like it that way ๐Ÿ™‚ No more hiding of a full tummy! lol Anyway, digital print is lately becoming a favorite piece in every girl’s wardrobe and I personally started loving this trend when Alexander Mcqueen released his Spring 2010 collection:) Waaaa!!! It’s crazy and I’m such a huge faaaaaaann! He proved that he’s a genius by creating the most outstanding and extraordinary digitally printed dresses that featured a mixture of green, brown and blue reptile patterns and some other sea creature abstract.

They have been around for some time now, but recently the patterns on digital print dresses have become somewhat more colorful, a little bit more outrageous, and seem to have acquired a lot of crazy busy prints. Well, that’s not a bad thing though because ‘more prints’ means ‘more choices’ but I guess other prints are just too overrated.ย  When styling a digital print dress, it’s better to keep all other ‘add-ons’ simple and matching:) As you can see I chose accessories that have the same shade with the dominant colors of the dress.ย  It’s also important to make sure that the center-of-attention and the statement piece should ONLY be the dress itself. You don’t want to look too over-dressed when wearing these kinds of prints because they stand on there own, they were made like that. ๐Ÿ™‚dress MixedBerryneon pink necklace ZARA. other pink necklaces TRENDPHILEbangle CALLITSPRING. rings KikayKaye. clutch DOROTHY PERKINS. heels TOPSHOP.

Enjoy your weekend guys! โค love much,GIANNE

miss universe

Wonder why my title is “miss universe”??? lol! :)) I couldn’t think of a title and while posting the pictures I noticed that my earrings are something like what girls wear in beauty pageants! ahhaha I got comments like “pang-miss universe”! lol I know it’s huge but why not try something extravagant!? Well, it’s not the real diamond ___ karat earrings but the size, color, and design are very attractive and believe me it’s such an attention-getter:) I just looooove how it compliments the brocade lace details of my dress.

My outfit was so girly yet soooo ME! dress/heels ZARA. belt MANGO. bracelets F21/Kikaykaye. Earrings to order from Kikaykaye.Making this post short but don’t worry I’ll be uploading 2 outfit posts tomorrow! I PROMISE! Watch out for more outfit shots and PART2 of my makeup tutorial this weekend! (I’ll be leaving for HongKong and I can’t wait to have a break!) Any requests???:))ย  Have a great and FUN weekend guys!

PS. Stay tuned for ANNOUNCEMENTS of ______! ๐Ÿ™‚ Take a guess:) I will post about it reaaaal SOON!

Also, I just want to take this opportunity to THANK Kaye of Kikaykaye, Tati of Bubbles, Teena of Sabrina, and Wini of Wardrobe Check for sharing some love and for sponsoring me with your lovely items. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart โค

love much, GIANNE

Beauty Section: Makeup Tutorial PART1

This is probably THE MOST REQUESTED post I’ve had since I started this blog. And the ‘FAQs’ I get are: “What foundation do you use?”, “What are the BEST makeup products?”, “How do you do your makeup, especially your blog-post makeups?”, “How do you fix your hair and what products would you recommend?” These questions have always been on the TOP LIST:)

This BEAUTY SEGMENT would have 3 parts: WHAT I USE, MAKEUP TUTORIAL, and ‘FIXING my HAIR’ tutorial. I’m going to start off with sharing WHAT I USE and WHAT I RECOMMEND: Product ReviewFIRST STEP before putting on my makeup: This is actually the most important thing for me mainly because I still believe that natural glowing skin is every girl’s asset and keeping it fresh and smooth is the best beauty secret. Well, as for my skin type I have really dry skin and so I never forget to put moisturizer.ย  Best moisturizers and this magic “pore-fessional” are from benefit cosmetics. I also use RMK primer as a base before putting on liquid foundation.ย  #1FAQ: “What foundation do you use?” I get this question a lot. Well, I have these both but I usually use a darker shade of this liquid foundation from Benefit at day time for me to actually look a bit tan:) And I use a lighter shade close to my ‘hello flawless-benefit’ at night to make me look a little bit lighter.

*I really recommend RMK products, simply the BEST. It’s a bit pricey but hey always remember these are your ultimate bestfriends and it’s a GOOD INVESTMENT! CONCEALER: These are highly recommended! They really blend well with the foundations I use. Try these from RMK (again haha) and Benefit (again lol) :*POWDER: I usually reserve RMK powder compact for special events or parties because I would have to go all the way to HongKong to buy one but I think some online shops are already selling this. On the other hand, my all-time-favorite powder is the one from Dior!!! The thing that i love about this product is that once it has sunk into your foundation, it gives a lovely “glow” to those more oil prone places, as opposed to your face going shiney and makeup melting off your face. It also doesnt cake IF you need to touch up through the day. It also has spf aswell! I also have this Maybeline press powder with me everywhere I go, it’s very affordable and it’s part of my everyday-makeup kit:) BROW Groomer (Brow set all from Benefit):ย Love this product!! It has to be the best brow defining and enhancing kit ever!! I still believe that brows define the whole features of the face and so it has to be shaped perfectly. EYELINER: This is my FAVORITE part just because they make my eyes look bigger with life. lol Does that make sense? but really, they doooo! I have this in black and brown which I use everyday, its fantastic! It has an amazing staying power and is easy to apply (Includes a brush). It does not smudge or fade and is easy to remove with make up remover. No cons! Really the ultimate eyeliner for me!These are my ultimate favorite palettes!!! The good thing about having palettes is that it’s ALL in one set so it’s actually cheaper and light! Also, the shades that would match well with blending and shades are all compiled in one compact. Here are the usual shimmer and smokey palettes I use for everyday, parties, events, and all other occasions. ๐Ÿ™‚I got this very cute ‘shopping-bag’-ish Sephora makeup set. How I wish we have Sephora here in the Philippines… Every best shade of eyeshadow and lipstick are here!!! And it has my favorite shades of blush! Andddd these really cute mini eyeliners! It’s overwhelming to see this kind of product, you don’t know where to start and what to use :)) If there’s one thing I’m starting to get obsessed with, that’s my eyelashes. lol:)) I’m loving the look of having fake lashes, it makes my eyes look even bigger!!! I just think that having longer and thicker lashes make you look like a DOLL:) Sweet! (And that’s what I want!)The perfect ‘kim kardashian’ inspired blush and bronzers I USE:)) I am a huge fan of Kim’s makeup, it’s FAB and SEXY! I love how these shades make the right contour on my face. I really recommend MAC’s blush-ons and for bronzer Bobbi Brown is the sexiest!I don’t really use loud colors for my lips instead I choose Barbie inspired shades or the nude ones:) I’m loving this MACs Nikki Minaj lipstick and to top it off, I use Dior’s lipgloss:* Though your lips only occupy a small area of real estate on your face, they can communicate and reflect the woman you want to be at any given moment: The mysterious chick, the girl next door, the sexy siren, you name it. Well, that’s if you paint them with the right lip makeup. And as for the reflection I want, I just want a simple, sexy, and barbie-ish glam vibe. :**
I reallyyyyy do hope this would be helpful enough:) This is my first time to make a beauty post and I really wish you’ll appreciate it. hihi lol Thank you again for supporting and to those who keep requesting this, here it goes!!! Enjoy!:):*

love much,GIANNE

color wheel

I decided to make this post a tutorial and a guide about the COLOR WHEEL:) I know it sounds familiar to you guys! This would be very helpful especially to those who are still confused with ‘color combinations’. If you’re having questions when it comes with matching colors, the color wheel is an excellent wardobe tool to consider and so here it goes…

Introducing… “THE COLOR WHEEL!!!”

I just posted these instead of making one because it’s simple yet very informative. Hope this one would clearly show how the color wheelย  works ๐Ÿ™‚*picture source:

This outfit is an example of ‘complimentary color combination’. As seen in the first color wheel picture, blue and orange are on direct opposite sides. Meaning, these colors compliment each other well. There are very few hard and fast fashion rules when it comes to choosing colors to combine in clothing and I personally still believe and say that such style rules are made to be broken, as fashion should be about expressing yourself as well as flattering your figure. ๐Ÿ™‚ For fashion should be FUN and carefree! “Your style, your Rules” but it’s still a MUST to keep in mind the basic principles and some tools to avoid the DONTs:)This is actually one of my favorite color combos : orange with blue:) Loving my armcandies!!!dress TOPSHOP. blazer ZARA. heels 37LA. accessories F21 and Trendphile. love much! GIANNE:*